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"I grew up in the west chasing thunder storms, playing shows around the country now feels like the same thing"


Born and raised in the mountains surrounded by everything wild and dangerous, and given a nickname by his fans as "The Montana Boy". Unsurprisingly, Jonah Prill didn't bat an eye at sharing his music with the world or moving to the Music City. Better known as Nashville, Tennessee. 


Within a matter of months, over a million people across the country and around the world were roped in by his Western charm and outgoing life. With lyrics like a Casanova, Prill has draw a crowd, that’s for sure, but he is not just any other presence online or in person. 


The seemingly curated media in his posts are more often than not, captured and filmed himself. Jonah Prill has become an incredibly diverse artist exploiting his creativity to better his career. His music certainly reflects his focus and priority on Nashville.   

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