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Fireside Hangs

Book a one on one chat with me, or make it a party and bring your friends! 


Jonah Prill is a country music star on the rise from Billings, Montana.  He was recently spotted on NBC's American Song Contest, boasts nearly one million TikTok followers, and spends his days firing it up at his family cabin or writing his next drop! Connect with Jonah to hear more about his music journey, the ins and outs of Montana living, and what it's like to be a small town guy with a BIG plan.  While this ride is wild and fun, Jonah wants to learn more about YOU!

Reasons to connect:
  • Quality time with Jonah personally

  • Ask questions and share about yourself

  • Private performance of one song

  • The chance for exclusive listen to unreleased music! 

  • Country living

  • Hunting, fishing, Cowboy $hit

  • Photography, fitness, and more.

What and how?

What to expect
  • Recommend preparing 1-2 questions 

  • Introduce yourself

  • No more than one song will be performed

  • Calls end within a minute of the scheduled time slot

How it works:
  • Calls conducted via Zoom 

  • Q&A Session

  • Request a song (not all requests will be met)

  • Calls will end promptly upon any behavior that violates our code of conduct.

  • No refunds.


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